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Our workshop is fully equipped with a top of the range air con machine as well as having trained and experienced technicians to service and repair your vehicles air con system

In order to keep your car air conditioning system running efficiently it is recommended that you get the system recharged every two years with gas and lubricant. This is commonly known as an air conditioning regas.

We can test your Air con system for Low Pressure. Low pressure can result in a loss of cooling efficiency, which in turn makes your car engine work harder and therefore use more fuel.

As the air from the air conditioning system is dryer than the outside air,  your air conditioning system will also de-mist your windscreen more rapidly in colder weather, so long as it is operating efficiently.

our air conditioning service  includes the removal of the old refrigerant gas, dye and lubricant. The system is then cleaned and any moisture removed. Once this has been completed, new oil, dye and refrigerant gas is added and a temperature reading will be taken to ensure that the re-gas has made improvements to the cold air temperature.

F Gas Registered technicians